Lawn Mowing

We offer high-quality lawn mowing and lawn care at the most affordable price in Dallas and Fort Worth.
You need to mow the lawn to keep your property looking neighborly and presentable. There is just one problem, in summer, your lawn need mowing every 1-2 weeks.
If regular mowing is too much for you to handle, we can help. We do this by putting your lawn mowing needs in the hands of our own Dallas/Fort Worth lawn care experts.
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Lawn Mowing Service

If you live in the suburbs, keeping your lawn trim and presentable is a must.
Maintain impeccable green spaces by trusting our lawn care experts to mow all turf grass areas. Using commercial lawn mowers, we’ll cut our grass down to size, before paying special attention to edging along sidewalks and street areas.
To beautify gardens and add all-important curb appeal, we’ll finish by trimming around all trees, fences, and flower beds. To schedule a basic lawn mowing service, click below or call now on (469) 772-0101.

Spring Lawn Scalping

Scalping happens when you mow the lawn on your property low on purpose to encourage new growth.
Typically, Lawn Expert provides scalping during spring and early summer in Dallas. In doing so, we encourage dormant grass to start growing with renewed vigor and vitality as soon as the summer sun hits.
Scalping Pricing
Scalping a lawn takes more time than regular mowing. For this reason, prices for scalping (including bagging of clippings) is usually 3 x our regular mowing fee.
Green Lawn

Practice Better Lawn Care by Keeping Your Clippings

Unless your Dallas lawn is diseased, it always pays to keep your own lawn clippings.
Grass clippings are mostly water. They’re also packed full of natural nitrogen.
Clippings an inch or less in length will decompose quickly. In the process, they will naturally re-fertilize your lawn. In summer, this helps grass appear naturally more verdant. On request, though, we can also remove clippings after mowing for a small extra charge.

Unleash Your Lawn

Are you looking to add extra curb appeal to your property? Alternatively, do you want to be free from the hassle of having to mow your lawn? If so, we can help.
Our lawn mowing services are suitable for both residential and commercial properties in Dallas and Fort Worth.
Start enjoying your lawn without the hassle of regular mowing. To get a free quote, call (469) 772-0101 now to speak to one of our lawn care experts.    

Full Service Maintenance

With our Full Maintenance Service your lawn and landscape will be taken care of all year, so you won’t have to worry about how or when start the mowing season or raking leaves in the winter! You can pick and choose which services you want!
Your yard will look great all year long! Plus you’ll lock in a low 12 Monthly rate to give you a price that fits into your budget

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