Lawn Maintenance

First Mowing - What to Expect

At LawnExpert, our goal is to provide the best lawn and landscape services and have our customers trust that they can rely on us, providing the best customer service 6 days a week over the phone or online 7 x 24 x 365.

Our mowing service includes Lawn mowing, Edging, Line Trim and Blowing clippings off hard surfaces.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee 100% of our services. If you are not happy with any service we performed, call in within 24-hours and we will go back and fix, redo whatever wasn’t done right. No excuses. Otherwise we will just catch it the next service. Regardless we want you happy.

Recurring Season

Recurring Mowing Season starts in February and extends all the way to November and once a month if needed in the off season months.
All recurring services starts as a EVERY OTHER WEEK service and in April, we start WEEKLY Service for WEEKLY customers.

If you signed up for EVERY OTHER WEEK service, and the grass is growing too fast, it may be required to change to a WEEKLY service in the summer months to keep up with the growth.

Mowing Day and Time

When you sign up with us, based on cities and zip codes we service each day, we’ll set you up on a specific week day and you can expect us on the scheduled day. Our crews follow the same route every week, however the schedule may change due to several reasons and we cannot guarantee a specific arrival time but we will make every effort to meet your needs.


Communicating clearly with our customers and associates is one of our top priorities since it prevents misunderstoodings and frustration.

With this in mind, any change in schedule, any job request, cancellations or even complains must be directed to our office either by email – – or by phone – (469) 772-0101 otherwise they can not be considerate since our field crews does not have the tools available to do so.

Tall Grass

In case your grass is overgrown (greater than 6 inches), we often must charge an additional fee. This compensates for the additional time it takes to complete the job. Therefore, we reserve the right to charge up to 2 times the original price in cases of overgrown grass, although the charge is often much less.

In cases where the grass is extremely overgrown (taller than 9 inches), we will get you a custom quote for the completion of the job, as in these cases it often takes much more time and/or specialty equipment.

These policies ensure that we are fairly compensated for the time spent on each job.

Mulching and Bagging

During the growing season (April to October), we do not collect or bag the grass because grass is mostly water and the clippings are readily usable nitrogen for your lawn.

We use bag only when client requires and we charge extra for that depending on the lot size and how tall is the grass.

Delays and Rainy Days

Rain is one of the biggest factors that can delay a lawn mowing. If the forecast predicts rain in your area on the date scheduled to mow your lawn or on the day before, we cannot guarantee we will mow on that day and the service will be postponed to the next day.

Even thou we try to minimize delays as much as we can, there are other factors that may delay or even postpone the service to the next day. If we for some reason we need to postpone it, we’ll do our best to communicate the change in advance and you can expect us on the following day.

Dawn to Dusk

We try to keep our mowing hours between around 7:30 am and 6:30 pm even thou occasionally we may have to mow ’til later if we need catch up with our schedule due to previous rainy days or delays.

Locked Backyard

If you keep your backyard gate locked, make sure it will be unlocked on the mowing day since we cannot offer a “heads up” of what time we’ll be there. If the backyard gate is locked, there is a $15 fee for our crew to return on the same day since it may cause us to delay other customers.


One of our top priorities is to show up on the designated mowing day. Since we have hundreds of yards on the schedule each day, we only observe federal holidays. If you want us to skip until the next scheduled mow, just let us know 48 hours in advance.


All damages must be reported within 24 hours for consideration. If you have landscape lights, commonly known as Malibu lights, which have exposed wiring, please be advise that we can’t guarantee those because they will be damaged sooner or later.

If you need help setting up these types of lights in a way that they won’t get damaged, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.


We have simplified bill paying at no additional cost to you. No more writing checks, hassling with stamps and messing with envelops or trying to remember to leave money outside for the lawn guy.

Everything is simple, automatic and secure; the first service is charged upfront and the subsequent are charged on the day after the service is done. We keep your card on file secured by a PCI Compliance Merchant (learn more)

Do I Have To Sign a Contract?

Never. We’re confident that in our work and we don’t need to lock you into a deal.


If you cancel the service before the first service, a cancellation fee of 5% will be deducted from the total refund. If you cancel the service before 4 trips minimum is fulfilled, any coupon used becomes invalid and the given discount will be charged on your account. If we cancel you, no fee will be charged.

If you sign up as a customer, we consider you a customer from season to season until you cancel. Cancellations must have a 24-hour notice during business hours.