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A lawn that’s well cared for speaks for your entire property. It can make the difference between a showpiece home and one that’s just a house with a yard. Would you want a poorly maintained lawn — one that’s filled with weeds –to speak on your behalf?

The lawn you desire is one that isn’t just mowed and trimmed but also has been nourished by fertilization and kept free of weeds.

The Benefits of Weed Control and

Fertilization Services

Fertilizer suppresses weed growth and helps to keep the soil moist. It insulates the soil, moderating temperature extremes — from hot to cold. 

Fertilizing replenishes soil nutrients, such as nitrogen, and increases beneficial microbial activity. Moreover, it reduces or eliminates both soil compaction and erosion. For example, applying fertilizer can mitigate compaction around tree root zones in pre-construction areas.

Best of all, fertilization adds beauty to your landscape.

Our Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Services

Regular lawn fertilization services are vital to the health of your lawn as well as any decorative plants. Our proven six-step approach to spring and fall lawn treatment has transformed hundreds of yards throughout the local area.

The Steps We Take

These total six lawn treatments per year: 

Step 1: Winter

Pre-Emergent to prevent weeds from germinating. Spot Weed killer applied as necessary

Step 2 – Early Spring

Pre-Emergent to prevent weeds from germinating and Fertilizer application. Spot Weed killer applied as necessary

Step 3 – Spring

Fertilizer and Grub Control application. Spot Weed killer applied as necessary

Step 4 – Summer

Fertilizer application. Spot Weed killer applied as necessary

Step 5 – Early Fall

Pre-Emergent to prevent weeds from germinating and Fertilizer application. Spot Weed killer applied as necessary

Step 6 – Late Fall

Pre-Emergent to prevent weeds from germinating and Fertilizer application. Spot Weed killer applied as necessary

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re LawnExpert, your local lawn service. Here, we pride ourselves on taking care of your lawn as if it were our own. That means if you have any questions about weed control, fertilization, or any of the products we use, contact us. We’re only a call or click away. 

When you want the lawn you’ve always dreamed of, it pays to go with an expert.

Also Your Lawn Can Benefit From The Following Services

Power Rake/Detaching

Power Rake or Detaching is the process to remove the dead grass that build up overtime. It open up your yard and have it ready for the new growth or to re-seed.

Core Aeration

Core aeration removes some plugs of soil, putting them up on top of surface letting them break down, it’ll give us a little bit of top dessing on the yard as well but it also open up some holes to give us some air, water and nutrients to penetrate down into the root zone of the grass.

Over Seed

Over seeding is adding new grass seed to an existing yard without removing the grass that was there. This can do a lot of things to improve the varieties of grass that we have in there. 

Top Dressing / Lawn Leveling

Topdressing is the process to evenly apply topsoil ina thin layer onto existing lawn for a variety of purposes. It can be used to level and smooth the surface of the lawn, it can reduce thatch buildup by encouraging decomposition, also it can be used after seeding or overseeding.

What They Say

  • review rating 4  They are excellent, just moved to Frisco and they are fairly priced and did a superior job. I would highly recommend LawnExpert.

    thumb Joshua Smith

    review rating 5  I can’t begin to say enough about the service Israel and the Lawn Expert Team provided me! Israel was very helpful throughout the entire process from planning to scheduling to installation. They redid all of my flower beds, installed crushed granite walkways, and installed new sod. The Team was professional and did a top notch job! I highly recommend them for any project you have coming up. They will be my first and only call the next time we need anything done!

    thumb Lloyd Rowland

    review rating 5  Great company, very reliable. I strong suggest them to anyone.

    thumb AHOD Construction Services
  • review rating 5  Great Service and Great Rates. Have used them regularly and on short notice with no problems. Will be continuing to use LawnExpert. Thank You!

    thumb Joshua Smith

    review rating 4  Expert Lawn service did a great job. To schedule the job was not difficult at all. They showed up on time ready to work and completed the job in a timely manner.

    thumb Kevin Vital

    review rating 5  They did a great job mowing and taking care of my yard.

    thumb Joann Limes
  • review rating 3  They mow regularly however they are 3 stars for me as they don’t do the flowerbed maintenance that is a part of our service unless I email and specifically request that they do so.

    thumb Sean Hicks

    review rating 5  Very reliable, with a great customer service for very affordable price. We’ve been using them for 2 years and never had a problem.

    thumb Ismael Vieira

    review rating 4  They did great job, on time and good communication. Thank you the whole team

    thumb Luke Groines

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