French Drain

French Drain

Is standing water a problem around your lawn and landscape? French Drain Maybe a Solution!

It is part ornamental, yet 100% functional. Common in professional lawn care, a professional installation ensures that excess water is removed from lawns, landscapes, and property perimeters as efficiently as possible.

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How Do French Drains Work?

french-draing-illustrationAt LawnExpert, our team install perforated drainage pipes in trenches in areas where standing water is a problem.

After installation, we back-fill drain trenches with gravel. In doing so, we create beautiful landscape drainage systems that can run for the entire perimeter of lawns, landscape paving, and outdoor living spaces.

A French drain installation intelligently channels standing water from all directions, help prevent property flooding and basement damp as well as being practical, people often assume that they are luxury landscaping additions.

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