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Nothing makes the Holidays in Texas better than beautiful Christmas lights decorating your property. You know how important lights are to celebrating a season of joy with families. A big part of expressing that joy is through phenomenal, unforgettable Christmas lights.


What You Can Expect

When you choose us, you get an entire professional team, dedicated to making your property look amazing with Christmas lights. It’s a one-stop service that takes all the worry out of the decorating. And in such a busy season, it’s no wonder why so many people choose us for a worry-free holiday.

Design & Install

We’ll analyze your property and develop a strategic plan to make it look incredible, while highlighting the unique features of your home. Our consultants are skilled in making the best use for what you have.
We only use LED lights to make your home look spectacular. In a timely installation, you can expect great results. At the end of the project, you’ll see a sleek, efficient, creative design that looks flawless.


We are proactive in the way we set up your lights. We know that weather, placements, nature, and more can create problems for your lights. That’s why we design your setup knowing the dangers the outdoors can cause. We want an installation that lasts long without you having to worry about it.


Just like our quick installations, your takedowns will happen in a reasonable amount of time. There’s nothing worse than Christmas lights lingering on your property for too long. We know that, and it’s why we work with you to find the best time to take down your lights.

Christmas Lights Can Be So Much Better!

With LawnExpert, you get the best team in Texas, ready to create a spectacular Holiday design for your property or home.

Whether it’s a business, development, home or private property, we will create the most memorable lighting design in the community.


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Professional Installations Make the Difference

When it comes to safety, time, quality and design, professional installations are the best solution. And when you pick us, you can expect the best service and light presentation. Our reputation is strong in Texas. And when you see what we can do, you’ll know why


Our professional lighting services are safe and carried out with the latest industry standards and practices. Unlike other Christmas lighting companies we only use the best commercial grade, custom cut, LED lighting. Your home is also insured with our light installation services.


When you contact us for a quote we will rush out to your property to give you a quote. Some times even able to give you an estimate over the phone.


If for any reason your lighting goes out, please contact us right away, we will be at your home within 24 hours.

Professional Installations Make the Difference

By working with us, you choose a local business invested in making its community look amazing for the Holidays.

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